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3V Technix Pvt. Ltd., is a start-up company founded by a group of professionals with a mission to offer technology based products from the reputed OEMs across the globe and indigenously developed products developed in India. We also offer system integration and customised projects meeting customer needs in the area of Electronics & Electrical System Design. Our products are made and sourced keeping in view the end purpose they serve or the value they deliver to user not just at the time of purchase but over years.

Company has been founded, operating and expanding on the core values of 3Vs that signifies Values, Vision and Versatility. All our actions, products, services and partnerships are aligned with these 3Vs. We have a strong technical support team and a development team both to support the sales team so that end customer needs are better understood and executed. We already have good customer base in the region of East and North East but expanding it to other parts of the country.

We presently have our offices located in Kolkata, Guwahati and recent addition at Indore but we are on journey to add more locations, people, products and customers to our company.

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