PCB Prototyping

The system offers a cost effective, quick and easy way to produce Industrial Grade PCBs . The system supports multiayer (up to 4 layers ) PCB Design making use of gerber files created by any standard PCB design software.

System contains –

  • PCB Prototyping Machine and processing Software
  • PTH Processing System (2 Layer)
  • Stacking System for multilayer (4 layer ) boards
  • Implement Idea at R&D level
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Reliable Testing
  • Semiautomatic & Automatic Models
  • Covers PCB sizes upto – 23X15X1.5 inches
  • Spindle Speed 5000 to 1,00,000 rpm
  • Technical help and consultation
  • All the accessories consumable and non consumable included


Machines in 16 different models are offered from the OEM – Accurate CNC Inc., a US-based company.


Multilayer system that includes PTH Processing System, Chemicals, Stacking System, Power Supply are designed and developed by 3V Technix team in India.