Resisvity Measurement System

3V Technix’s Resisvity Measurement System 3V 2451

Technical Specification

• Measure Resistance and Resistivity order of micro ohms to Kilo Ohms
• Force 0.1 KN to 10 KN
• Temperature room temperature to 800⁰C

Software Graphical user interface

-Vary parameters
-Measurement conditions
-Display graphs
– Tables and results

• System can measure samples such as Sheets, Blocks, Pallets and others
• Customization suing to your measurement needs • Easy to use and robust design

The Resistivity of a material provide information about the electrical resistance of a conductor of unit cross-sectional area and unit length. This electrical parameter revels the important information about material under test as

● The different composition provide different resistivity value and strength to martial for example pure iron having low resistivity value means high conductance as compare to rusted iron having low strength.
● The purity level of martial like Copper, Aluminium, Steel, Iron etc. can be tested as the resistivity of pure material is constant always.
● The Production Quality can be controlled and check when value for standard product resistivity is known like iron bars.
● Identification and segregation of different quality material can be done with resistivity measurement
● Protective coating for metal like galvanize iron (GI) sheets quality can be tested and controlled

Resistivity Measurement System 3V 2451specially designed for steel industry to measure and plot Resistivity values automatically under different pre-defined test conditions for pressure and temperature values so that material quality will be ensured .