Multi Layer Setup

Model 3V2401

Multi Layer System in association with NC Machine, is a cost effective, easy and quick way to produce Industrial Grade PCBs in house. The setup supports multi-layering up-to 4 layers of industrial grade PCBs.

The system is complete and consists of PTH Processing System, Stacking System, Chemicals and every other accessories.

PTH (Plated-through-Hole)

Multi Layer Setup

  • Separate Tanks for chemical processing
  • Temperature controlled process
  • Galvanic Plating by high purity Copper
  • Electrode
  • Galvanic Plating is current controlled
  • Used for PTH minimum hole size 0.2 mm
  • Simultaneous Processing for 2 PCBs
  • Work area as per the PCB machine selected
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy user Control

Stacking Setup

  • Hole Matching facility
  • Insulating layer
  • Binding Mechanism
  • Mechanically accurate system
  • Less time-consuming Process

Multi Layer Setup

Suitable for

  • Electronic and Electrical Industries
  • Research Organisations
  • Educational Institutes