Antenna Radiation Measurement

Model 3V2301

Antenna Measurement System consist of antenna mount with six-axis motion control +X,-X, +Y,-Y, +Z, and -Z which can be controlled by the software in following two modes;

Manual Mode

In this mode user can select the values for the XYZ coordinates manually and the stage will be at the specified coordinates. The step size and value can be set manually. When this option is selected the stage will move towards selected direction. The user can set the position accordingly. There is a provision for generating the trigger pulse for the external peripheral control manually.

Auto Mode

In this mode user can set the coordinate values with step size in the software. The system will move to the set coordinate values automatically.With the software user can define the set of positions which are to be followed sequentially. The stage will follow the same sequence to perform the operation as defined in software. In this mode user can plan for the trigger generation at every step or at every coordinate defined in the action values so the system can be interface with any external peripheral devices.


  • Each Axis can be controlled individually by PC
  • External Test Measuring Instrument Interface
  • Pre -recorded position control
  • Work area : 300mmX300mmx300mm
  • Auto Set to origin (0,0)
  • User defined Automatic/Manual Mode
  • Graphical representation of position
  • 3D Plotting of recorded data
  • PC Connectivity by USB
  • User friendly software

Hardware Specifications:




PYR Platform for angular resolution 1 Degree with 3V XCONTROL.2 Software

Suitable for:

  • Antenna Research
  • Education
  • Industries into Antenna Design